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Old Type M3 BMW

I was driving along sensibly the other day when i was being hassled by a older M3. Being in my mid 30s i kept my cool (for 5 mins). I soon got fed up with it on my tail so I stuck my foot down and pulled away! I lost him and eventually i slowed down and he caught me up. Unhappy about being left the three car passengers gave me a strange sort of hand signal as i turned off! the signal was like a half clenched fist in moving in a up and down motion! (Maybe its an impression of a piston or something ;))

CLIOs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

When you mean old?? What reg. M reg, Or older.

Cant see a Valver lossing a M3. Brother in law had one on a P plate. That used to dick me the torque on them and power are amazing. Especially up around 60 mph +

Not saying you didnt!!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

An old old M3 then yeah. 200BHP in a tank!! Still about 7.1 secs to 60.

But newer ones no way!!!

Im not making it up honestly. I agree a friend has a new M3 and theres no way i can even catch that in any gear! When i say an old one i mean alot older than P REG. I can assure you i did leave it (on a twisty road at night in the rain). Maybe it was a case of driving experience or stupidity but i still left it!!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Ahh the Old one. Yeah I can see that they are f**king tanks. Newer ones with 300+BHP hehe not a chance.

Twistys yep for sure if he doesnt know what he is doing even a new on could be left.

Nice one mate!!