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Orange mk1 Vee

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I think that a wrap would have been so much better. I really hope that the car was a recorded silver car that they resprayed, if not they've ruined a nice car.

I have seen pics of an Acid mk1 vee, that looks nice. I don't know if it's a wrap or not though.


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That looks gash. There was an Audi A4 in Nottingham the same colour. That too looked truly vile.

Is that the RS4 estate? I though that was gorgeous! Bright orange with black details!
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you would think if it was professionally re-sprayed costing £10k for the autosports show he would have some better pics??
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funking love it myself!

good job i did a clio search as only saw the car yesterday - wouldnt want repost police on my case ;)