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So then......

Whos had the biggest performance increase from ONE Modification?

Reason being i have a standard 16v and want it quicker(dont we all?) but i dont want to paste it in aftermarket sh*te. Just a couple of not too expensive mods which will help increase my pulling power! Looking to spend between 500-750? Inc. Fitting.

My mate has a Cinquecento Sporting - no mods but a K&N Induction Kit.

0-60 is now 10.7seconds (should be 13.5)- go figure that out - either his Speedo is way out, or that K&N replaced a very restrictive standard intake.

Dunno what power hes putting out - have to get it on the rollers!


NOTHING else done to car apart from K&N.

Its insane! I used a stopwatch to time it, but even using that crap method - losing 2 seconds.. is pretty impressive.. like. 0.5 seconds is harder to time, but 2 WHOLE SECONDS. Uh!


hehe.. Youd think so. Nick is the man to speak to - think he got his going rapid for a 1.8 16v - although, hes gone totally crazy now.. :D but I like it!


They old air box must have been restricted with a smaller pipe leading to body. K&N bolt-on couldnt have done that on its own!

And nitrous would be lovely power increase. Mates got a Holden GTS with the funny gas fitted. And yes it does make a difference. But his V8 is a strong engine. How long would a 7 yr old engine last with N20?

Nah, its the HSV Holden GTS (Omega lookalike). standard 380 bhp, etc. Now with nitros kit pulling close to 600bhp. Absolute Tank! However hes bored and having bigger injectors put on. oh dear.

Oh...Oh.. also had the bottle warmer installed. Makes a load of difference. He had the bottle up to 98psi. Told him 90psi max! hehe

nope i think it was make by HSV in AUS, imported over and sold here. X reg in blue. I love em, great family car if you need something a bit bigger, but dont want to lose the speed! Seats are like armchairs that grab you and hold you in. And the power. WoW. He chose it over an M5. IMO Good choice! What do you know about them?

For that sort of money you wont see a lot. If you are doing all the work and dont have to pay for labour, get a couple of exchange reground cams with a fast road profile, you can get a complete fitting kit with a chip to suit from Piper for about £400 I think. Then put a decent element in the airbox a K&N or Pipercross or something will do, say £50, then £250 -£300 will get you a decent stainless cat back exhaust incl a decat pipe. Thats £750.

If youre paying for labour theres not a lot you can do for that sort of money. Chip, filter, zorst are all well and good but without the cams you wont see a really noticaeable difference. Nitrous is a nice option if you want cheap power in short bursts. There are a lot of nitrous specialists around nowadays, you could probably just about do it for £750 fitted, but youd have the smallest bottle which is a bit of a waster of gas. A valver engine in decent nick will easily take a 50 shot.