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Pete bann-not guilty-UPDATE if interested

Just incase people are interested;

my cars been deemed a write off after the accident at the midland meets. It would cost well over £3200 to repair and so they are going to pay out on it but they want to pay me well less than what its worth so infact as a result of the accident that wasnt my fault i will be left out of pocket. Im not going to get it repaired instead im going to save for another one, then possible sell it for parts?

just goes to show you how unfair life is!

  Lionel Richie

sh*t, bad luck mate. Ive been a bit busy at college, but my statement Is on its way soon!!!! What did the insurance say??? Her fault, your fault????

nothing as of yet mate, they havent even asked for photos or statements. i think theyre taking it on the fact that its a side impact so she hasnt got a leg to stand on really! Have to see what happens during this week.


No probs Pete...

well, yes there are lol..

what this is, is a game of who caves in first

they offer ya crap, you tell them, to go whistle etc

Bin going on for years... ask them to pay for an independent valuer and see what they say..

Mate - there is a little good news.

The 16v is the sort of rare car where parts are always in demand. If I were you, Id make the insurance company an offer, as its going to cost them anyway to collect and dispose of the car. Scrappies will give them sod all for it. From then on, you can sell the parts yourself.

For starters youve got the bonnet - which is in itself a thing in demand. Youve also got the engine, gbox, diffs, electrics, exterior trim, interior and all the other bits that make the 16v so good. Id be surprised if you couldnt make a bit from all that, even allowing for the offer you make to the insurance firm.

So walk with the cash they give you, and sell the old car bit by bit.

I really hope it all works out for you, as I cant imagine what it would be like to have that sh"t happen to me. But I really believe in karma - so youll be due some good luck soon...;)

Its just the fumes that Autoglym leather care cream gives its so good...I love you all...:D

Praise be!

Its just the fumes that Autoglym leather care cream gives its so good...I love you all...:D

Praise be!

cheers BenH, ive already bought it off them for a low cost. but your words of wisdom make sense mate. didnt i read somewhere that you spent 4 grand on getting yours mint or something?whats the story there mate if you dont mind me asking?

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Right Pete, advertise everything on here. Who was it that had the crash damaged valver on here previous, and basically sold the lot. Its little compenastion, but a few more readies for your back pocket!:cry:


  Shiny red R32


Dont accept the insurance companys first offer! Have a look at Auto-Trader online adverts or ads in papers or mags to see what a similar car to yours is being advertised for.

This is the amount your insurers should be offering you. Why else, when you insure a car, do they ask you what the car is worth, and state on the document market value. Just you let them know what the true market value of your car is!!


Oh poo!

I just spent ages writing a proper reply, but the computer froze up and lost the text! GRRRRRRR:mad:

Anyway, the moral of the story was that Id basically thrown a lot of money at my 16v to make it perfect. The engine conversion tore through all the associated mechanical bits (diffs, box, mounts etc) and there were loads of bits that needed doing that I had not spotted/anticiapted when I bought the car. I suspect track useage by the pervious owner.

Ive been close to selling the car in the past - once because Id had enough with the problems, the next time becuase I got a kind of "post project boredom" when Id fixed everything!

And yes, it owes me about £4,000 in the last year. When I think what was spent on the engine as well by the previous owner, I guess this 16v doesnt make much sense. Might as well have bought a new 172/Cup!! But its almost perfect now and I really, really wont be selling it in the medium term (if not long term, or ever!!).

Turbo conversion is next. Am sniffing around and will probably go ahead in six months time.
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Pete, when my Raider was written off, my first offer was £1500! Norwich Union said for me to send in clippings of cars like mine so they could evaluate their offer. After a couple of months (and many clippings) they upped to £2800. If they offer you something sh*t, tell them if they can find a car exactly like yours for the money theyre offering, they can go and buy it, and deliver it to your door.:D

thanks people, theyve offered me £2750 + i get to keep the car. I think whatever they offer is crap cos either way im left out of pocket which is wrong cos the accident wasnt my fault.



  Shiny red R32


Refuse their first offer and tell them that if they think they can get a similar car for that amount, as gaj said, then let them try, and deliver it to you. If not, tell them that you will buy one like it yourself and charge it to them.



  Shiny red R32

Pete I have just had a quick look at Auto Trader and found these!

javascript more_info200241054333174,360, CARS ,7;">U face=Times New Roman 1995 Renault Clio 1800 16V, /U 1995, M reg . 58000 miles, 3dr Hatch, blue, tax, MoT, c/l, rad/cass, very good condition. . ono . Tel: after 6pm or. . . . . javascript:more_info(200241054333174,360,CARS,7);"> (private) javascript more_info200241054333174,360, CARS ,7;">U face=Times New Roman more info/U £2,995

javascript more_info200241054316574,188, CARS ,6;">U face=Times New Roman 1995 RENAULT Clio 1.8 16v, /U 1995, 80000 miles, met black, FSH, 5 spoke OZ alloys, Thatcham alarm, CD player, very quick, well looked after, priced to sell, re-advertised due to timewasters . . no offers . Tel: or. . . . . javascript:more_info(200241054316574,188,CARS,6);"> (trade) javascript more_info200241054316574,188, CARS ,6;">BSPAN style=COLOR: windowtext; TEXT-DECORATIon: none; text-underline: none"> face=Times New Roman £2,995/SPAN/B

javascript more_info200241054472029,324, CARS ,2;">U face=Times New Roman 1995 RENAULT CLIO 1.8 16V 3dr Hatchback/U 1995 N REG**PHASE 2 MODEL**WILLIAMS BLUE METALLIC**TOTALLY STANDARD AND ORIGINAL EXCEPT FOR UPRATED APS BRAKE DISCS AND PADS. POWER STEERING.ELECTRIC WINDOWS/MIRRORS/SUNROOF. ALLOYS. RECENT . . . . javascript:more_info(200241054472029,324,CARS,2);"> (trade) £3,475

javascript more_info200240053642709,170, CARS ,4;">U face=Times New Roman 1996 N Reg Renault Clio 1.8 16v/U Stanley Road Car Sales , Petrol, 1996 N Reg , lacquer red, Hatchback, 3 Doors. 5 Speed Gearbox, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Body Coloured Bumpers, Central Door Locking, Driver Air Bag, Electric Slide/Tilt Steel Sunroof, Electric . . . . javascript:more_info(200240053642709,170,CARS,4);"> (trade) £3,475

javascript more_info200240053634944,225, CARS ,7;">U face=Times New Roman 1995 RENAULT CLIO 1.8 16V 3dr Hatchback/U 1995 Blue,Full Leather, Full elec, Alloy wheels, Clifford alarm, 10 disk CD player,tax and MOT, excellent cond. 84000 miles. Tel: . . . . (private) £3,800

javascript more_info200241054274702,311, CARS ,10;">U face=Times New Roman 1995 RENAULT CLIO 16V 1.8, /U 1995, N reg . 81000 miles, red, tax and MoT Feb 2003, s/h, devil exhaust system, piper cross induction kit, lowered, CD player, full electrics, very good condition throughout . . ono . Tel: . . . . javascript:more_info(200241054274702,311,CARS,10);"> (private) £3,850


How much did you pay for the car?

Also it will save you the hassle of looking for a car with leather interior as you can just put yours in and sell your cloth! If you do find another one with leather ill have your old one off you.;)


yeah I agree with Mat Pete! If you are keeping the car swap over all the nice bits from your current one to your new one.

firstly cheers GR for those, secondly matt ill keep your offer in mind!! and to Ben P the engines got 64K on and its absolutly mint mate.

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Hope you get as much from them as possible mate. Yours was mint and you should definately keep stuff like wheels and tyres and interior for your new one.

I too would be interested in the leather maybe if you decide to sell as mine retrimmed in half leather.half alcantera will be quite expensive me thinks.

Good luck with the claim. AutoTrader Online and Loot are good places to look for other cars, either for insurance coughing up purposes or a new one when you are ready. Remember to take into account your cars condition, leather, new tyres etc when comparing for insurance payment.

cheers mate. I will be looking at another valver but probably wont be for some time at the moment. Ill keep everything everybody says in mind though!! Ill see if i can get some piccies posted soon.



  Shiny red R32


The reason I posted the ads was to give you an idea of what to tell the insurance company that you will need in order to buy a similar car, since cars are usually insured for the market value.