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please explain the following situtation.

Hi guys long time no post

anyway this is wut happened excuse my crap explaination:

drive in to this corner a wide sweeper tarmac road at 40-50kms in to 2nd gear expect a little understeer in that corner. get into corner feel a little under and realise the road was fill with sand or dust its all white. Understeer gone suddenly back end snapped away did 90degree to left (imagine this : turnin in already so in the mid bend n then suddenly the back snap n car point straight towards the right pretty much into the footpath or light pole) i caught the bugger lock to left back came back again car wabble wabble coz of the back end comin back in n some body roll crap.

So how the hell did this all happen its in a Front wheel drive.. anyone?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Lift-off oversteer. Theres a whole thread about this somewhere in the past couple of days. If you back-off the throttle in a bend the back comes around.

nope didnt come off throttle it was trail throttle the back didnt lift i dont think i just felt that the back loaded up n the sand or dust crap made it lost contraction. could this be it?