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possible TDC sensor problems

  172CUP/Fiesta supersport
well it looks as if my cup may have succumed to the infamous TDC sensor fault, for the last couple of weeks the missus has complained about poor starting and complete refusals to start when she was going to work/lunchtimes etc. To be honest I never really bothered as it had never happened to me and just thought she was being a.........well woman lol, but today on my drive complete refusal to start! tried it periodically through out the day and nowt then earlier this evening bingo she fires. I will be ringing the renault garage tomorrow to book the cup in :-( .........................first time in a years ownership and it's still under warranty so no big deal I suppose.
p.s If I get a complete refusal to start and I need to get the car in to the dealer what's the procedure? i'e do I have to arrange recovery or what?