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Potential problem? Help please

  Storm Grey 200
Recently purchased a 182 and I'm looking to get it back up to an acceptable standard. First things first...spark plug change to ensure those nasty Bosch plugs wern't used in a previous service.

After following Ste666 guide (many thanks mate) to a spark plug change, I noticed that my newly acquired pride and joy had some significant pooling of oil (not going to try and explain, so I've attached pictures). Could anyone with experiance or knowledge give me a some advice please?

The engine seems to be running well enough and has recently had a service (including cam/aux from Reno-tec Chelmsford). The engine does however look like it's been a little neglected and will be getting a good clean over the weekend.

I've attached a few pictures to help show were the oil is pooling - if anyone can help it would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance,


New plugs

Sorry state of engine

Significant pooling of oil

Close up

And the dam right appalling incorrect plugs
Clean it up and run car and see if you can see it weeping anywhere when it's up to temperature.

It could be last owner has tried filling with oil and missed the filler cap!
  Storm Grey 200
Thanks for the quick replies lads, much appreciated.

I will clean it up and double check when it's all up to temp. Must admit the whole bay needs at least a couple days of work.

Out of interest - how much more work would the cam gasket be to fit? Think I also need a plenum gasket as it look shot.

Order is getting mate to Tom @ wests tomorrow so will add these on.