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Pro Evo 6 - verdict

  RS Clio 200
the muts nuts....

alot of stuff is different, and at last they have made an effort to stop those chavs and cant be arsed to play football people from simply running.

Game is much slower than 5, real need to build up play.

loving it

oh, and it looks pretty damn good on the hd lcd too
  Fabia vRS
god dam it. i nearly went into town today after work!! :mad:

looks like i'll have to wait till friday anyway now.

please tell me they have made spurs good in this one?!?

i'm fed up of bein everyone else!! lol
  RS Clio 200
to be honest i dont think it matters.,.... if you can build up ure play u have a chance - i used trinidad & tobago to beat a guy using italy
  Merc Coupe V6 AMG
got it today on the the 3sexy. an improvement but only played a quick game, will be more judgemental tomo