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Punto GT

  mk2 172

Just been to my local auctions and there is one of these for sale, the bpdy is rough, the interior is rough, but its only up for a grand on an l reg, instantly i got the keys and drove it, its wicked when the turbo comes in, i was havin visions of ditchin the interior and building me a 1/4 mile beast too so i dont have to put the willy through to much, then just before i got out the credit card i remembered to look under the bonnet, lol, and there was a lot of oil round the head area and had all but covered the front of the block, as i pulled the throttle cable my girlfriend noticed the exhaust was covering the ground in a black cloud, i was thoroughly gutted and walked away. just out of interest what do you rekon is wrong with it?, that really pissed me off cos i was grinnig like a cheshire cat when the turbo kicked in, drove up and down loadsa times settin off a 1k revs just to get the buzz off the blower.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Fiat are really good at making those turbo rollerskates, its a pity they dont last. I had a Uno turbo for a while - it was absolutely brilliant but it just fell to bits after a while.

Sounds like the head gasket, this would cause dodgy oil water mix, that was leak around the engine, excessive carbon out of the exhaust same again, dont suppose you checked the plugs that would have given you a good clue, I thought about a punto GT but might as well get a 5 turbo they are a lot cheaper and supposedly easier to mod. But you get more reliability supposedly with the punto.
  mk2 172

come on people! opinions, just had a mechanic take a look, says it needs a rocker gasket and a full on service, the turbo is fine and its just full of sh*t. thinkin of offerin £700
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You have to ask yourself are the bits cheap to buy for the fiat ?

I think a R5GTT would be better as more people mod these thus more power mods available.

You might have to tow motor to the 1/4 mile strip as well if you dont want to make it road legal so you will have to get a trailer and a towbar fitted at extra cost.
  mk2 172

he he, have bought the punto, but not as a 1/4 miler, its just gonna get a good service and tidy, air induction and dump valve, then im sorry to say willy will be coming off road for a while to be pampered. i am well pissed off as iv covered my front end in chips at york and summat is makin a sh*tty noise when its rollin. also 2 grand a year insurance for third part is becoming a little annoying.never fear, she will be back. thats assuming the fiats engine isnt shagged.


Nice car for the money mate! Just please dont go embarassing any 172s in it! And if you do, dont tell us about it!

Id feel gutted if you make that thing go faster than a 172!