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Race between Mk.II 172 & New Mini Cooper-S

  CTR EK9 turbo

Yep, just had an amazing race against a mini cooper S. I was not in my mk.1, but a mk.2 172 and it was around a dirt track and toasted the Cooper! hooorah!.......that is on a new game which is called Gran Turismo concept. Just went out and bought it, quite an excellent game - same as gt3 but with more cars (different) including CTR, (yet to race that ) and audi RS4, RS6 and loads of other nice cars. The thing i noticed and was most impressed at was the sound of the engines. The Vanquish V12 has a lovely engine note (are they supercharged?) Really cool game!

Excellent, isnt it! I bought it day before yesterday and have been toasting the CTR, Cppoer-S and even the RS Focus in the 172

  CTR EK9 turbo

Haha, good work! I love watching the replays too, just think how many things would be going wrong on the car if we drove it like that!!