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re drilled hibs. views please

ive been offered some pug fitment alloys at a very good price since the guy wrote off his care, the alloys are in good condition and they would look phat on my car and the price is VERY good.

tihng is i will need to get my hubs plugged and redrilled

whats everyones views on this please
how hard is it today
how much will it cost me
where can i get it done

all pros and cons appriciated


apart from what BenR said you have to remember the fact that those alloys has been in a accident and the strength may have been weaken

For all the messing around, and then the question mark over the saftey of the car after, Id just go and buy the correct wheels for you car!

the work would be done my an engineer
talking stainless steal fillings etc

the wheels are inscathed from the accident but yes the question of safety did cross my mind

gettin the rims in renault fitment new will be another 350 quid on top

im a student
  Lionel Richie

GET A BLODDY JOB THEN!!!! What about these wheel adaptor things you can buy???? You know, 4stud to 5 stud converters??? Maybe you could get 4x100 to 4x98 or 4x108 converters?????ie Renault to Pug????