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Rear 172 mk1 bumper warp, What is the common fix to this problem

  clio 172 mk 1
my rear bumper is all warped. I think this is because of the exhaust heat. it bulges out in the middle. Ive seen it on other 172s too, but i might be wrong. I was thinking of "Gripfilling" a piece of springy stainless steel T bar to the inside round where it is warped to even up the stress. im pretty sure i can make this work, but what would be the normal solution. thanks
ive never seen this "bulge". the only bulge i know of is the one in the middle that houses the number plate light?
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Nothing springs to mind for me either. There's one on the front bumper, under the bonnet catch, but that's all I know off...
I have seen it on several Mk1 172's, mine suffered from it and Renault were kind enough to give me a brand new bumper after 2.5 years. The new one, now 4 years older still looks perfect.

At the time other people with the problem commented on heat as the casue but I dont think it was.

The 172 bumper despite looking like a normal Clio bumper but all painted is quite different, its just a big block of polystyrene with a plastic skin. I had a good look at the warped bumper that came off and the dimples corrosponded to plastic clips on the end of studs that hold the skin on, they looked like they were on too tight, maybee if you can slacken these off you can lessen the effect.

Heres what mine looked like.