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Recommend me a HU

  1.6 Ford Focus
I wade a similar thread to this before but the features I am after in the HU I am looking for has changed slightly.

I am now after a simple, decent, head unit that has a CD player on it. However it needs to be good enough to power new speakers and a sub woofer and MUST be stalk compatible. I would like to keep the display but I am willing to compromise that and just get one that is stalk compatible.

It's a nightmare trying to find a unit that is stalk compatible seeing as a simple google search for "stalk compatible head units" doesn't work.

My budget is about £75, £100 max excluding the cost of the adapter lead.
  Dodgy one
Alpine CDE9880r is what i'm hunting around the bay for ATM, They seem to go for around £90 and match the clios trim a treat, been the same colour and the illumination can be orange too :)

Had alpine in the past and TBH i dont hink i'l have anything else
  2001 Clio Sport 172
If you have a clio get an alpine.

Theyre the best in terms of compatibility. Theyre good quality, and well priced, at least over here in Aus.

Bought and installed a CDE9880r today. No regrets :D