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Red 197 new clio.. Gordini?

  Throttled V6 and Daewoo
was it you serg? on the M5 towards exeter this afternoon? you had a car full!

nice private plate too...

when did you get it? why didn't you let me know?

the V6 is in france still... cant wait to get it back

  Xr2 Turbo.
Thought I saw the Cossie on the other Carrigeway......
We were stuck in the contraflow. On the way down to MACRO.
Picked her up last week,all seems well though the gearbox seems a bit "sticky"
Quicker than the old Rio grande though-god do i miss her lol.
Il give you a call mate
  Throttled V6 and Daewoo
did you get a discount for the broken wingmirror? or did you do that?

yeah the cossie was struggling a bit in that traffic. i had to open the bonnet and let it breathe! im glad its gone now, the v6 seems alot more fun. but its a bit unstable at the moment.

must say the clio looked really nice, did you pay cash after your pay out?

  Xr2 Turbo.
Bryoni hit the mirror lol,she took her mates out in it! Il get that sorted.
Yeah we are using the cash to start a new life really,new car and refurb the tour bus were first on the list.May get hitched nxt year aswell ;)...(no chance!)
Did I say some1 pinched dad Triumph Stag? Found it burnt out down on the Common. ffs
  Throttled V6 and Daewoo
oh thats terrible news bud, that car was looking really promising.

he can have the uno for a bit if he needs it.

so what mileage is the new clio on? congrats on the tourer refurb, that will look spanking.

i'll come round in the v6 soon, need to get a rr figure. not paid for the work fully yet.

  Xr2 Turbo.
About 1k-you will think its flat as a pankake lol!
Im up for a RR sesh. Wot bhp you think the bodes will give you on the V6? about 250?
Dad may not go back to driving again...hes nearly 90 remember.