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Restoring Little Bluey - my 182 FF ClioSport in Racing Blue

2 Clios Jon

ClioSport Club Member
Small updates today. Firstly the paintwork isn’t happening for a few months now due to our bodyshop having too much on.

Belts arrived back from Kolour Koncept. Only took a week from sending off to getting back. They’re not great at replying to Facebook messages but I can’t fault the workmanship and speed in which they turn things around.

These are the belts i sent away.


These are the end results.


I thought they were a bit too White but when you stick them next to the originals (belt
on the left) they’re not a million miles off.


I’ll stick them in and see how they look.

Now the paintwork’s delayed I thought I’d stick my rear badges on.

Off with the cheap Ali Express badge and on with the Clio badge.


Unfortunately the badge was hiding some chips and scratches so the tailgates going to have to be painted now. 😬

Finally put the original RenaultSport badges on. Slowly coming together.


Next jobs will be to look at the interior and the horrible sticky plastics.

Quite a few challenges lie ahead, especially with the stereo. Watch this space 😉

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ClioSport Club Member
This is why I try and do everything myself.

So after I had my geo set up at work, I took the car over to Tyrespot in Darlington.

Unfortunately the guy I was going to use came down with Covid so I reluctantly took the car to them. I say reluctantly because I’ve had issues with them in the past over wheel alignment.

Long story short they had 2 attempts at setting my tracking on my BG Clio and on both occasions the car drove in a straight line but the steering wheel was a mile off centre.

After trying to tell them they basically told me I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about and to go away. In the end I made a kit, used some string and did it myself. I had it checked at another garage and it was almost bang on.

Anyway I digress. So on the way home, after they did the wheel/tyre swap, about a mile into the journey I noticed a knocking sound which progressively got worse. More under decelleration than anything.

I thought something had come loose, given I’d stripped the car back completely, so pulled over. Nothing obvious and after pulling back and forward on the wheels I thought I’d try and make it to my storage unit a few miles down the road. Anyway it got worse so I pulled over and had the car recovered.

Now I never said anything in my last update because I didn’t want to embarrass myself 😂

Anyway I’ve just gone down to the yard armed with jacks and toolkit and the video explains the rest.

Someone needs sacking for that. Theres no excuse to not torque up the bolts after fitment.

2 Clios Jon

ClioSport Club Member
Someone needs sacking for that. Theres no excuse to not torque up the bolts after fitment.
I have written to their head office and sent video evidence, proof of recovery etc. I’ll let them decide what to do.

The manager’s a proper clever arse. I wouldn’t care he asked why i didn’t do the swap where I work and I explained the service manager was too scared to damage my newly refurbed alloys.

His parting words were if you want the job doing right blah blah. s**t his pants when I called him on Saturday morning and told him what I was going to do.

Never had a wheel come loose in 40 years of driving, trackdays and rallying. I could’ve killed myself and destroyed my car.

2 Clios Jon

ClioSport Club Member
A bit of love hate going on with the belts. Originals aren’t too bad so I’m going to soak those and see if they clean up. I suppose they match the piping on my car mats 😂


2 Clios Jon

ClioSport Club Member
New rewebbed belts were doing my head in so set about trying to clean my old ones.

It’s not that I don’t like the quality of the new ones, it’s just that they remind me of Rylan Clark’s teeth 😂 they’re that white.


Bought some Vanish, filled a large bucket with hot water and soaked them for a few hours.

It certainly helps having them off the car I can tell you.

I then gave them a blast with a karcher to get the last bits of grime out, then a good rinse in clean warm water.


They’re currently hanging on the washing line and look pretty clean. Happy days! 😁

In other good news I managed to find myself some really good side skirts off a Monaco Blue 172. The lad was really helpful in agreeing to post out for me. The lengths I go to looking for parts is beyond obsession. 🤪

One things for sure, I’ll never tackle another one of these cars again as getting certain parts is a nightmare.