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RS Monitor

  LY R27
I did a quick search but nothing came up.
Just downloaded the free Renault Sport app. Not bad tbh for a free app. Gives you 0-62 1/4 mile times, g meter and lap timing.

Seems pretty good for a freebee :)

Any one else used it? Is it that accurate?

How have you supported yours on your dash?


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Nice find. Just downloaded on android. Will have a dabble later.
  LY R27
I use bluetack to the bottom and the back and stick it where the clock goes, that way it gives me a nice video image too :)

Going to retry when its dry, I got 6.94s 0-62 in the dry (Running Panel filter and Bored out 64mm Throttle Body on my R27)
  LY R27
Seams to be pretty reliable as i done it again (driving it in the same manor) and got 6.97.

Going to give it another whirl with a proper launch and taking it round the rev range a touch further!
  GTD, Lupo
I have the real Renault monitor thing on my 200 and i had a go with the 0-60 thing once and i managed to get 6.73. Most probably not 100% accurate but gives a good idea of whats happening.