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RX7 v’s Wille

The Willie stuffed the "alleged" 300bhp RX7:devilish: Sorry to dial-up guys about the pics!

Well its my cousins RX7 and hes still running in the engine after a rebuild so cant go over 3,000 Rpm which gave me a small advantge ;). Due to needing to do 2000 miles we went on a Trip to Johno Groats - 421 miles later I dont want to see another RX7 for a while!

As far as the car goes its a cracker! In comparason to his Scooby its far far more fun to drive even under 3,000 rpm. The handling is beutiful and the steering very direct. Lots of feel and very solid - I quite like the looks but to drive its a dream. The only downsides were the seats didnt move far enough giving me some very sore legs, a few rattles, back seats you wouldnt get a Pygmy in them and the MPG isnt good.

Nice pics. Would you rate the RX-7 over a WRX STi? or are you just comparing it to a normal turbo?

The re-build part worries me, the rotor tips wear out dont they? Its quite costly no?

Normal Turbo, never driven a WRX STI. His was a Classic shaped W reg with 218bhp . Its hard to explane really as the Scoob is awesome but the RX seems to give loads of feel and seems better fun. Mind you I find my Willie better fun than the scoob by a long way - the scoob is too composed maybe?! I dont know its all personal isnt it.

The re-build thing is expensive - my cousin got the RX7 on import with 60k on the clock - did 147 miles and died. I think the build would have been somwhere around 2k but hes had other stuff done too.

Well I spoke to hime yesterday about this - we had covered most of our miles at around 50-60 mph and he got 23mpg - this was under 3,000 rpm the whole way. He did say what other owners were getting but I can remember!

LOL Yeah he took even more than me - it was some trek, we left Inverness at 9am or so and got back at just after 8pm:eek: I drove on bl00dy single track roads for about 100miles!