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SAM Steffanson *parts bonanza* for 16v/Willy

  BMW 320d Sport

As promised, SAM Steffanson in Sweden have just sent me a catalogue for the Clio 1 - basically the 16v and Willy.

Its like a dreamworld of uprated parts - almost as if you went back in time to the original Clio Cup in the 90s and they have all the parts to supply your Cup cars and keep you racing for a season.

Only problem is I dont know Swedish and there are no prices. Im working on it though. One interesting item is that they do uprated stiffer versions of all the engine and gearbox mounts, not just the dogbone like you can get from Hill Power. Apparently they are either original Renault Sport jobs or exact copies. Thats all I can make out!

You can even get a big Renault Sport poster of the Maxi Clio - a proper technical diagram of a Diac team car. Thats definitely first on the order sheet I think.
  BMW 320d Sport

OK lets hope you can read Swedish Dave...youve heard it enough whilst watching your specialist films

Only joking mate!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah that poster is *mine* Joe! To go with my 80s Ferrari poster...I dont think. Has anyone still got one of those hideous Testarossa posters on their wall in a red clip frame?

They have prices for almost all their stuff on the website. They also do stuff for the new Clio as well
  BMW 320d Sport

They only have prices for the new Clio not the original one. Ive got a GIF of the technical diagram for the Clio Maxi but its not very clear. I can email it if anyone wants it.

Anyway, Ill order the poster when I put in my order for the Renault Sport engine mounts.