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Seat Ibiza 2.0ltr 8v

  Lupo Gti

Just havin a look at these, only insurance group 10, just wondering if any of u guys has ever had one.....etc, they do a 1.8 16v thats in group 12, and a 2.0ltr 16v, also group 12! claimed 0-60 of 10.4, but they have 115 bhp...? didnt think they were heavy.... correct me if im wrong cheers!


theres a 1.8 ltr 16v (up to about an N plate) and is not a cupra

2.0ltr 8V and a 2.0ltr 16v (which is group 16) and is 150 bhp from what i can remember of my SEAT days!! (that runs from N - V??) both versions available as cupra

and a 1.8 20 valve turbo also available as cupra
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

My mate at work has a 1.8 20v turbo - reckons he will kick my ass in my 16v...never raced one B4? how quick are they?

theyve got to be about high 7s i think, but it all depends if hes had the RSD conversion which takes them up to about 210 bhp 0-60 low 6 secs!!

Got a couple of mates on, one has an 8v.

It isnt the quickest in a staight line but more than makes up for it on the twisties, it is a very good handling car, with loads of torque

The 20vt is quick in standard form but when chipped its a beast, mate has one running 220bhp and it will crap on most cars.

There is also a company called Jabbasport who have got a kit out that will produce 350bhp, absolutely mad

I can quite catagorically state that the Cupra is the worst handling hatch I have ever had the displeasure of being in. There is just no front end bite, it feels very skittish and just bounces all over the place. As regard the 16V v 20V T, itll be close. The chipped one will be right up there with a 172!

The Old 8v Gti is very slow the 16v is the quick one. Round about M-N reg. I think the 8v is about VTR (10secs to 60) speed and the 16v is about 8 secs to 60.

Ok, so is that bad boy based on the polo or golf? I quite like the look of the Ibiza Cupra R which is about to come out.

The not yet released Ibiza Cupra R is based on the Fabia platform. My 2001 Ibiza 20V Turbo was based on a 5 yr old polo platform.

Like teady 172 said the handling is a joke, it doesnt handle. Needs some serious suspension upgrading to be as good as 172. Coilover Bilsteins.

Power wise is pretty good with turbo conversions but then you suffer from loadsa lag which is why I went back to NA engines - better ride overall IMHO.