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SERV Light and Oil Levels Help

Just got in my car after parking it 2 wheels on, 2 wheels off the kerb and my Oil level indicator was showing empty and the SERV light has come on. This happened a couple of weeks ago after parking it on the kerb and then it went away. I have literally just hit 5000 miles in my car and I changed the oil at 1500 miles, it should not need changing already should it ? I have checked the dipstick and it shows around halfway but the oil is so clear it is hard to see it.

I put 4.5 litres in when I changed it and I still have the other 0.5 litres left in the garage, will this still be ok to use now to top up the oil if it needs topping up ?

Could it just be that the oil has moved to one side of the engine as it was parked at an angle ?

Any help would be great, dont want to do any damage.



Just left the car sitting in the drive for 10 mins and now it says the oil level is OK when you first turn the ignition, any ideas ?
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If you take manual readings from a dipstick it should always be done on a level surface otherwise false readings can be given. The dash electronic level system is likely to give false readings too if the car is on an incline, fooling the sensor.
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Dai - Nothing to worry about! I did the same a few months back. Parked my car half on the road and the passenger side on a kerb. Left it for about 6 hours, cam out and started it and got the same as you.

So drove it onto the flat and turned the engine off, left it for 10 minutes, came back and all was fine, oil was on the highest mark. All I can suggest is all the oil flowed to one side and the sensor thought it was empty.

That is what I thought Geoff, thanks for confirming that for me tho mate.

When I do come to top up the oil, will the oil I have in my garage that was left over from my oil change be ok to use ?
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That also happened to me a while ago. did a short journey of about a mile got back in my car after about 5 mins and the oil registered as low and the service light stayed on. It was ok the next day guess it just didnt register much oil in the sump.

  Silver Fabia vRS

Dai - I would make sure you use the same oil everytime when topping up, dont mix different oils. I use Mobil 1 in mine and just top it up everytime with that.


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I did the "press the millage reset button withing 30 seconds of starting up" trick.

my oil level was OOOOOO which I think is full this is gonna sound stupid but did you park it with the left wheels on the kerb or the right.

Cause I parked mine on a kerb with the left wheels up, left for about 30 minutes, never had any problems or warning lights.