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side skirt stickers: Cup

hello. im looking into some 'cup' stickers (the same as the 172 cup font) for my side skirts a la trophy style. has any body got these? i'd like to know the dimentions of yours. ive already got someone to make them up. ive gave them a height of 35mm. is this the same as the trophy sticker? it works out the length would be close to 85mm'ish which i think maybe a little small looking compared to the trophy and ph-quick graphic. can anybody help? would be very much appreciated!
  ALBI 197 Sonic MKII
Iain C said:
^^ hey im a printer! Thats not mis-aligned! lol

That looks like you wrote it on with tipex, one lonely night when you were drinking alone, heavily.

But I like it, lol.