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Silver 182 M1 Southbound

Was going from Sheffield on the M1 tonight and a 182 was in the 'fast' lane doing 50 or so mph. I was in the 'slow' lane doing 70(or maybe 10 - 15 mph more). Yes I was undertaking, but I was doing the speed of the lane I was in, the middle lane and 'fast' lane were doing granny speeds.

The 182 decided it wasn't gonna have a 1.2 undertake, so he swerved into the middle lane then cut infront of me and slowed me down, causing me to break heavily. No f**king idea who it was but had a CS sticker on the rear window.

Just wanted to congratulate you on being a 1st class nob. You scared the s**t out of my passenger and you doing that 'manovour' (sp) was uncalled for.