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Silver Phase 1 on Team Dynamic 1.2, 15". What colour?

  Nissan 350Z
Which colour and why?

I'm actually thinking these look as good as the F1's that I've been after for so long, but they are cheap to buy, seemingly well rated, and significantly lighter than the F1s which can't be a bad thing.

However, I'm undecided on the colour.

Silver for the OEM look - a bit stealthy which I like...

Anthracite or Black - easier to keep clean / not clean. But I'm not sure if they'd suit the silver car quite as much especially with standard ride height (which i want as its a road car not a track car).

Any opinions?
  Nissan 350Z
Sell them to me then!

Seriously though, I've seen a pic of some anthracite TD1.2s on a silver Ph1 and honestly, I'm not too sure about them, especially with the standard ride height. They look kind of "unsubstantial" I feel... yet I realise it's more about how the car drives, but still! I'd be interested to see them in silver though, but most seem to get them gunmetal or black, pics of clios with silver ones on are RARE!