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Sport Interior for 1.2 2002 Mk2 expression help ?

  Renault Clio 1.2 16V
Ok so the car hasnt been getting much attention for a while but seen as iv just had my loom replaced and throttle body cleaned ( due to it keep cutting out)

I thought it would be good to get back into it started with a sport interior few questions:

Is it a straight swap?
What are the best type ect?
Ans wheres the best place to find some?
thanks tom


  Golf GTD
As far as i'm aware the seats are just a straight swap from what you have.
There are 4 types you can get (i think)
Ph1 172 - Slightly bluey colour leather
Ph2 172 - Dark Grey and black plain
Ph2 182 - Same as Ph2 172 but with white dots on the alcantara

Cup seats - No leather or alcantara (i think).

The best place to find some i would say is eBay or in the for sale section on here