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Spotted in Bedford

I am new to the club and noticed a blue 172 MKII driving through Kempston in Bedfordshire at lunch time today. The car had cliosport stickers on the side windows. Is this you? if so drop us a line and maybe we can meet up sometime.
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This sounds like geoff_clio172 check out the gallary for a picture of his car. I believe he lives in Bedford.

A very nice example of a tastfuly moded 172.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Hi Marky - Where abouts in Kempston did you see me? I would have been on my way back to work and I usually keep an eye out for any other 172s but didnt see you! Yeah Im up for meeting up so post here and we will arrange something.

I have a black 172. I saw you near Daleys club in kempston. You were stationary and then zoomed off. My clio is currently off the road and awaiting a new engine im in a sh*tty silver 1.2 clio at the moment.
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Saw ya post on the other thread. Im also in a 1.2 courtesy boat and not liking it ONE bit. My gear box is being replaced, so i hope i will not be waiting 5 weeks whilst they learn how to fit one
  Silver Fabia vRS

Marky - Is it with Wests in Clapham? They talk a load of sh*te so dont worry about what they said! Hope you get your car back soon. My email addy is if you want to get in touch.