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Steering wheel & airbag removal

  WAS a Valver - what next?

Id like to remove the ugly, airbag equipped steering wheel on the 1994 valver Ive just bought and replace it with my Momo wheel. Could anyone please help. I know the airbag would need disconnecting but how is this done? Is it a DIY job or are Renault required and, if so , how much do they charge?

Have any of you guys done this or is it a bit mad to remove a life saving feature????!!!!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

after my accident last week, id say dont remove it, but i know your going to !

be very very cautious messin with the airbag, as you can set it off if your not careful

Ive done one on a 96 megane - dont know it that wheel is similar to the valver but it should be the same principal.

IIRC youre suppossed to discconnect the battery for about 15mins then undo the airbag retaining bolts on the underside of the wheel (there where just to in my case). Once thats done, gently pull the airbag unit out of the wheel and there should be a single cable connected to the reverse (mine was a flat orange one); unplug this and the airbag can be removed completely. You should now be able to remove the OE wheel and fit your aftermarket one but the airbag light will still be on. You could either remove the bulb from the dash but most aftermarkets wheel hubs (like MOMO) come with a cable to fool the computer into thinking its still connected so you can fit that (there will be instructions included with the hub tho).

Oh, i think you have to be careful how you store the airbag avoid tossing it into a box for obvious reasons!
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Thanks for the advice guys.

Sorry to hear about your crash Brun. Not too bad I hope?

Your right though, I probably will still remove it! Wheres the best place to buy a Renault boss, any ideas?

Use a geninue momo branded boss and they can supply airbag equipped bosses that include all the nessecery resistors and connectors to fool the ECU into thinking the airbags still there