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Steering Wheels (Snappy Ones)

@Danith as said above, that looks awesome, you must be well pleased with that!

Loving these. I was thinking of a Royal trim for mine but seeing these and hearing the praise for Snappy, I'm sold!
I would 100% go for the snappy wheel over Royal, the one I had in my 182 looks so smart and the quality of the work is excellent........ even though I now have a smaller wheel fitted, i'll never sell the standard 'snappy' one I have

Royal seem to just cover up the thumb grips whereas Snappy incorporates them with leather etc. Looks x100 better.
That's exactly why I prefer them too :up:


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  VRS 230 & Ep3
How well do these wear?

Better than oem ones I imagine but what are these holding up like after a few years?
Thata why I got leather on sides and grips and alcantara on top/bottom as the alcantara might look flat after a while, like the seats with my fat ass on em


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  Ph2 flamer 172
Had mine done Alcantara all around, perforated leather thumb grips and a bit chunkier inwards.

Ignore the bronze bits, waiting for silver interior strips!



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  Megane 250 cup
Does snappy make covers I can stitch on my self? If not how much is just a basic black retrim?
How well do these wear?

Better than oem ones I imagine but what are these holding up like after a few years?
Mines coming up to 4 years old and tbh it still looks as good as new:smile:.

Same as above, got mine in 2014 and it genuinely still looks identical to the day I fitted it. That's leather with perforated grips and bottom section with white stitching and 12 o'clock

Dr Jekyll

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I have dropped him a PM. I also asked what' best way to contact him as I had messages on FB from him but somehow they've been deleted. I not sure how active he is on here or FB.


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  RB 182 FF
Snappy has worked his magic for me again, this time on my EP3 Type R wheel... His work is sensational and it totally changes the way a car feels, love it, love it, love it!!!:tongueout:

Not the best pic but you get the idea...:smile: