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Suspension and performance upgrade questions

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Hi all,

Ive been looking to improve my car.

Ive just been quoted the following

Dropped suspension for 69 quid.
Ive just emailed and asked what parts are used as a mate of mine went to the same place a few years ago to get his Vtec dropped and they used bilstein


Stage 1 conversion: Performance Air Filter (I think it is BMC but Im also emailing them about that), Stainless Steel Exhaust system (also checking which one) and a Uni Chip plus Dyno for 220 quid.

Stage 2 conversion: Stage 1 plus Gas flowed cylinder heads, performance cams, and branches for 440 quid.

What do you guys think?

The stage one is supposed to give 15% more BHP and 20% more Torque...dunno about the stage 2.

Any other questions I should be asking?
Anything I should look out for?

ps Im in South Africa so any local feedback would be appreciated.

the prices are from CRD (
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Im moving to South Africa then. Stage 1 and 2 seem about the same as you get in the UK, except s1 here doesnt involve a Unichip, usually the tuners own job. Better off with the Unichip but it needs mapping on the rolling road.

Your stage 1 would cost over here £700-£800! Stage 2 is usually £1500+ in the UK. Dont know about the 1.4 but on the old 1.8 16v, stage 2 is definitely a good move.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Oh, just one would the s1 and s2 affect the vehicle at low rpm and idle? Would it be very rough?

Viceroy, check on the unichip prices.. I dont think it can iclude the dastek at that price m8 !..

heres what ya do..

get them to GUARANTEE the after fitting figure.. take them an RR plot of the car before..

if they dont deliver the goodies and results.. ya get them for free.!

there is no such thing as stage 1 or stage 2 as a standard it can vary from ok to piss poor ..

the price for their head conversion - quoted as st2 - ?? I take it you fit it yourself ??

if not.. what the hell are they using ??..

ALL tuning companies and aftermarket supplier should guaranteee their work.. !!! its up to the CUSTOMERS to insist...

If they are COSHA and are willing to offer even a negotiated power return value.. then go for it..

if they cant or wont.. or start muttering about differences between cars etc... then tell them to go away

too many people buy bolt on goodies that just dont deliver.. and at worst devalue and degrade their car.

get them to put their money where their advertising is

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Thanks Joe.

Ive also emailed another company ( for a quote for the same work. Steves is supposed to be the best and they seem to care about reliable power.

Ill post back when Ive heard from both Steves and CRD

Viceroy (is that the brandy? ), Warren here.
Try Mosport in Wynberg - (011) 786 1874. They also do stage 1 - 3 conversions but are a much smaller operation = personalised service. Speak to Mike OSullivan. They do my dyno tuning and also prepare AutoXtras RS Clio 2.0 for production car racing. He races himself and has a lot of race/rally cars in the workshop for preperation, so knows his stuff. Tell Mike I say hi. BTW, have you had any other mods done?
To Nick - Ive found stuff like this to be much cheaper here - for example, I had side strips and door handles colour coded - cost equivalent of £28. So pack your stuff and get moving!
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Hi smiley...

Thanks for the info, Ill look into it.

Where is do you get your colour coding done?

Have you found anywhere that do decent body kits?

Ja sure Smiley, but before we invite the guys over to our part of the world, I think you better tell them exactly how we battle to get quality stuff for our cars. Im thinking along the lines of those R440-00 repeaters you were talking about.

OK - Viceroy, colour coding from BodyTech 2000 - (011) 8851506 - speak to Wayne and let him know Warren Chaplin referred you. It cost me R450 - takes a day.
sl*gat - not Stannic Group N. As far as I know it is only the regional series. The story goes like this.... I think his name is Robbie - MD of AutoXtra Renault in Pretoria takes his Yellow RS 2.0 standard off the showroom floor, sticks some numbers on the doors and goes racing one Saturday. Wins his class and embarrasses plenty of competition without even trying. I have also seen a Yellow RS competing on the National Rally Circuit. As for the accessory situation, when the Brits arrive, they can bring crates of stuff over and make a killing from local Reno owners.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Joes got some good points there, and £100 is bloody cheap for a Unichip which needs a proper rr setup. Seems like products and labour are just cheaper in SA.

Head/manifold work and fast road cams (ie slightly hotter than standard) will give you a slightly lumpy idle but nothing major. Mine havent increased the low end by much; maybe shifted the power band from standard 4500-6500 to around 3500-7000. Still the most power is at 4500 and upwards, theres more of it there than before.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Ok Ive just gotten a reply from SAC and they offer the following:

SAC Adjustable fuel pressure regulator - R 850-00 (53 pounds)
K & N Airfilter (when available) - R +/- 550-00 (34 pounds)
Unichip piggyback computer with ECU remapping, fuel injection calibration and dyna tuning - R 2500-00 (156 pounds)
SAC Custom built low pressure s/steel free flow exhaust system - R 2200-00 (137 pounds)
SAC Cylinderhead conversion with gasflowed head and intake manifold - R 6775-00 (423 pounds)

what are your comments concerning getting the fluel pressure it worth the money?

If I was to break the work into portions due to budget constraints, which work would you recommend i get done first, last etc...

Thanks guys