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Teething troubles!!

Hello any Cup owners! I got my new Cup on Tuesday and wonder if anyone else had similar gripes!! The passenger seat rattles like fac when no-ones sat on it. I had to get Renault to fit the black trim on the front sill - they miss it on the PDI something to do with driving it on & off the transporter. The idle is about 800 RPM (is this right ?)so every time i pull away it chugs like its going to stall, the clutch travel seems a little long. The rear discs seem fuzzed up and despite 200 miles use still have tarnished patches on them (like when they get wet) Other than that its perfect & a rapid little thing of beauty! Debadging it completely this wk/end. How difficult is it to remove the silver 2.0 16v badge to replace with 1.4 Or do Reno do blank badges??? Answers & advice on a postcard & much appreciated..Regs CD
  Abarth 500

I picked up my new cup last week as well - good isnt it! :)

The little bit of trim doesnt come fitted to the car when delivered to the dealer for the reason you stated but its a bit of a poor show that they didnt pick up on it.

Its supposed to idle at about that level so no worries there...

When you say the clutch travel seems a little long Im guessing you mean quite a high biting point in which case thats normal I think (maybe other cup owners will confirm?). Ive only driven three in total but all seemed to be the same.

Renault dont make blank badges although Im sure you could find a body shop that would smooth them and paint them up for you but I have to ask why? I understand the concept of not wanting to over badge your car but theyre not in ya face badges anyway - at least I dont think so...

Enjoy the new motor :)

Why the feck would you want to do anything to the bodywork - ur just devaluing it - I for one like the 2.0 16V badges and the cup badges - the obnly thing Ive done is to tremove the clio badge and fit a Cup 172 badge like the ones on the door pilars instead - nice!

Oh alright!! cant be fecked with the silver badges on the side then but everything else is coming off... Where did u get the 172Cup badge from to put on the boot?

Oh another thing my cup does not have a key hole on the drivers door but does on the passenger side... Is anyone elses like this or have they just started building them like that??