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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


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My mate brought his MG ZT over I beleive it's called typhoon blue? One of less than 20 I think, his front bumper had a knock and he managed to source another in good condition so we swapped them over (hence the missing number plate)
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19 reg MB C63S AMG Coupe in white with black wheels last night. Lovely car!! :love: Like this, but way better in person.



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I love the shape but I just can't get past those chrome rimmed wheels. Looks really nasty / aftermarket (IMHO of course).
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean & I'm not into them either. They looked much nicer on it in real life though.


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They do look good in red. Wasn't that the runout model, @MarkCup?
I think orange was. They did a limited edition, then another one.
Sort of...

First they launched the 'Edition', Nitrous Blue paint and came with Mountune's front mechanical LSD, I don't recall they were limited in numbers.
Then they launched the 'Red Edition', same as above but with flat race red paint...this was limited, 300 total in the UK.
Finally came the orange 'Heritage Edition', 50 of with 47 sold to the public. Of course, by public, that mostly means friends and relatives of dealer principals who have made a mint out of them.

I know of about 5 max Heritage models that genuinely found their way into the hands of proper enthusiasts LOL

Chris V6 255

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Just seen my first Porsche 992, well a pair of them together, driving through Leeds.
Look pretty nice tbh!
Saw a red one yesterday, looked great!
Not sure it looks a 100k car though.

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Matt W

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Saw the new jimny yesterday, so hard to get hold of that they are selling for many thousands over list price on autotrader!


Hello Howard Speaking

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