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Todays the day!

I am picking my Evo V up in a couple of hours, but the joy is shadowed by a tinge of sadness guilt even to my little clio who will be passing to a new home shortly. The insurance runs out on monday, still time for one last drive to bring back the memories, if i can drag myself out the evo

Forget Jilly ! Will you marry me ? (and I am a bloke !) ha ha !

(All comments made in this post were under the influence of excitement and therefore should not be taking seriously......unless the answer is YES of course)
  7.6cc :D

Yes but im sending it to Adam Munn

Heres a drawing for you Daipac, like it or lump it

( . )( . )

Jill xxxx

Thats Rude and you forgot the V !!!

IMO I have to say that the Evo 5 is definitely the best looking of the Evos.

Nice one.
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I was having a bad day but suddenly all this talk of breasts has made evrything seem that much better.

Jilly in an effort to raise the moral of your fellow Cliosport friends I think we should have some kind of treat. It is Friday afterall
  7.6cc :D

Griff, may i suggest u log onto the Max Power site for lots of ( . )( . ) this will cheer u up, if u dont mind plastic that is!

Jill xxx

Jilly shall we meet for lunch? Or maybe even a drink tonight.

(I will report back with confirmation boys)

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Dave - The camera is already on charge mate.

Jilly - Bet you wish you had never mentioned this now
  7.6cc :D

GR - come in here and help me out with these breast obsessed maniacs!!

ps I hate the Arcadian, its full of scary people!


  Shiny red R32

Sorry Jilly but I am up near Edinburgh so I am too far away. Like you, I am also well endowed! (.)(.)

Hey shes mine find your own you lot!!!

Driver should be here any second to pick me up, in one hour it will be mine all mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will tell all later. Stay away from dudley for the next hour
  7.6cc :D

Awww Outka5t i feel guilty now, no your not scary at all

So Adam Munn, your in Dudley are u....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( in your evo )

*How you doin?*
  7.6cc :D

I always want a drink Outka5t (sorry dont know your name is..presuming its not Outka5t, if so your very unfortunate)

While were on, any chance you could do something about my scratched door (joke)

Jill xxx

Not had any possitive response about starting a willy thread! hmmm
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OutKa5ts name is Dave. If you dont like the Arcadian how about Brindley place or Broad Street. We could have a mini Cliosport outing into Brum?!? I guess Dave could tag along if he wants

  7.6cc :D

Yahhhhhh sounds fun!

I work on Broad Street anyway!

Are there many members around here that might want to come, griff???

and Dave has definately GOT to come!

Jill xx

are you a bit easy or something?
perhaps its just typical of you funny speaking east (west?) midlands lot.