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Top of 16v Dash Removal.....

I need to get the top of my dash (ie the black half) removed to be able to swap over a couple of pieces of inner pillar trim!

Has anyone had theirs off before?? There appears to be 3 screws along the top - by the windscreen vents; and a screw on each end. With these removed will it "simply" lift off??
Im guessing it will mean detaching the vent piping? Are there any other attached parts!?

Also once this is off, how easy is it to get to the backs of the dials - oil 3/main set?? Cos i need to replace a couple of bulbs!

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

The dash top is as easy as it looks to get off - just the three torx screws (25 size I think). There are no vent pipes to disconnect once under there, but there will be a mass of wires in about the middle of the dash that will need to be carefully oushed back into the chassis when you put the top back on.

Be careful though as especially the top screw can be deceptive - feeling as if its not tight when it is. What that means is that you can split the vent trim under the widscreen, that sits in the dash top.

As for the dials, its easier to get a Haynes manual than for me to explain. If you really want me to write it out then I will later. Having done it myself, just believe me that you need to take youre time. It also helps if you have small hands and double joints!

Thanks Ben! Think ill have a go at the dash top...then check my Haynes manual for the dials!

You gonna make the monster trek down from up north to Southend on Saturday again??