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Trigger Patterns

  1995 Clio 16v Turbo
Basically im after some info on the trigger patterns of the F4R engine as i am using one on my mk1 turbo conversion. Ive been informed that it runs a 60-1 pattern.

the thing is the standalone ecu im after recognises the standard 60-2 or 36-1 patterns and was wondering if anyone had overcome this problem and if so how, or are there other ecus out that there that recognise the 60-1 pattern.

many thanks
  f**ked ph1 172
what the crank sensor reads to know where the crank is intime to fire the coil and injectors
  1995 Clio 16v Turbo
cheers for the replys guys, as you say it is 60-2 so it will work with my ecu, i got my numbers muddled up somewhere.

Im using go-tech MFI pro as a mate of mine was running a similar setup on his rs turbo with good results and he can get trade discount for me.

ive managed to sort myself a flywheel and now im looking into clutches, any ideas where to get a good paddle clutch, ive had a look at the yozzasport one but there is no torque rating on it?

  Lionel Richie
all the "big tuners" use the helix grp A one, same as in the cup racers, its good for 300bhp and 250lbft IIRC there is also the Alcon clutch, but they're not as reliable

at yozza (when i was still envolved) we used the helix for 10K miles and only had 0.2mm wear on the friction plate

there is a grpA unit availbe from valeo and quater master
  Mk4 XR3i 90 - spec
What's the difference between 60-1, 60-2 and 36-1?

Basic description will suffice, im logical enough :)
  f**ked ph1 172
theres only 36-1 or 60-2

one gives more info as to the position of the crank.

so the ones running 60-2 will usually be running sequential/semi-sequential injection and wasted spark ignition.

the 36-1 will run a dizzy and batch fire injection
  Mk4 XR3i 90 - spec
i guess i guessed wrong lol. Just with the batch fire injection sounded less economical and distributors i thoght were only used on the older stuff. newer cars have these stupid coil packs which are far too nervous.