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Trophy #185's story

  Clio 182 Trophy
This is what the trophy is all about! Great work!

You mean it's not about keeping it standard, garaged and trying to keep the original tyres and exhaust as long as possible!

Nice work Keith, money well spent in all the right places.


ClioSport Club Member
July 2012

Seeing as both headlamps were looking bit tatty while I was at Brothers house for weekend thought that I'd make use of his Rotary to sort the headlamps. Not much UV fading just a lot of marks and light chips along outer top edge.




In process

Out with the wet and dry. Started off with 800, then 1200, followed by 2500 grit until I was happy the marks were removed. Polished up with Britemax Perfect Prep on my big brothers rotary using cutting pad. Finished with Meguiar's PlastRX.



Not perfect but much better considering time I took to do it.


Tip to anyone doing it, cover up all the engine bay and scuttle panel. I had only covered up the area above the headlamp in the engine bay ... what a mess the polish made lol. Even windscreen was covered.
  Megane r26
Just read through this whole thread, gave me so much inspriation. Can't wait to get moving house out the way so I can get cracking on my T.


ClioSport Club Member
August 2012

Photo from shores of Llyn Padarn, Llanberis before I went for a drive around some of the roads on my doorstep.


Little red flew past it's MOT Friday without a single advisory even, all set for another 12months now.


Today's job was to clean up the front brakes, repaint them and sort them out so they don't squeal so badly (tired of people giving me dirty looks lol)



Front brakes taken apart read to be cleaned up.


Wire brushed the carrier first off


Then using dremel, flap wheel and grinding stone got it all cleaned up.


By complete chance I came across these 'anti-rattle buffer pads' fitted to lotus Elises. Ordered some due to my pads rattling in the carriers even after fitting some spring clips onto them.


Thoroughly degreased and cleaned the mounting surface and trimmed to fit.


Next got them hung up and sprayed using VHT calliper paint. Cant recommend this stuff enough. Awesome spray nozzle makes it so acurate to apply and paints a nice finish that dries naturally then cures properly under brake temperatures.


While I waited for coats to dry I got the wheels cleaned. Hadn't been properly cleaned this year at all and it showed. Stopped by garage to use their jetwash and sprayed on Valet Pro Billberry wheel cleaner and got them half clean there so could concentrate on the insides.


After 2 shots


After another 2 go's they looked as good as I could get them in time I had.


Got the fronts finished with a toothbrush (thanks to little nephew ;)


Not looking too bad read for some Poorboys wheel sealant and tyre trim.



Caliper carriers dry and read to be refitted.



Got the caliper bolted loosely without pads, used cardboard to shield disc and masked rest to spray the caliper.

All refitted and looking pretty :)



Then onto the rear calipers. Only a quick job here. Got it masked and used cardboard to shield as I sprayed.




The faint mark of Speedline still just about visible on one wheel.



On way home no more squealing but still rattling xD

...Next rear beam and engine bay clean up and paint and full detail.


ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
Love this trophy keith, nice attention to detail without going too far away from the cars original intentions
  AB 182 FF
This is beautiful. You're the sort of person I would love to buy a car from. Great taste and attention to detail.

Good work!


ClioSport Club Member
This weekends job was to get the rear beam cleaned up, treated and painted. Up to Mam and Dads farm on this beautiful weekend.


When I checked the rear beam few months ago I thought it looked quite bad but on closer inspection the beam itself wasn't too bad. The sides where the damper bolts onto was the worst. The middle still had the black paint and looked as good as new surprisingly.



Off with the dampers and springs. Lowered the rear beam down and got cracking with various wire brushes and emery cloth to get all the loose rust off.


Surprising surface rust on parts of the rear dampers considering they're only 16 months old and that they were coated with an extra few coats of lacquer to try to prevent this happening. This will be dealt with at a later date.


Spring seats showing signs of rusting


Cleaned up. Managed to get a wire cup brush inside the beam to clean out.


Once the what appeared to be underseal was scraped off the original paint was still intact, this was just quickly keyed.


Out with the Bilt-Hamber Hydrate 80. Awesome stuff, goes on cleaned rust, chemically converts and gives a tough undercoat for paint.




Dries to a very dark purple, almost black.



Gave the dampers and springs a clean and sealed with Collonite insulator wax.


Onto the top coat which was VHT rollbar and chassis paint. Used it before, gives a semi matt tough finish that looks nice and OEM.

It has the best nozzle ive used from a spray can, almost airbrush-like in the direct application that meant I didn't have to mask much at all to paint the beam.



After a few coats I started getting things back together. All fixtures greased and torqued up.
Short drive then checked that all had settled back properly.





Quick photo on way back to my place.


Doing a bit of house work I came across this which I had completely forgotten about. Job on the cards to get this fitted.



ClioSport Club Member
Epic thread.

Just read this from the start. Great read and some good progress there! :D

Thanks :)

Nice update, underside refresh has been on my to-do list for ages now.

Get some Hydrate 80, awesome stuff.

Got plenty to still do over next month or so including getting few other parts painted and underneath undersealed. Some has come off from jacking but the Renault stuff must be good looks pretty good underneath for a car that's seen 7 winters.


ClioSport Club Member
Lovely trophy there, attention to detail is outstanding! keep us up to date on the progress :approve:


ClioSport Club Member
  205 GTI, Clio 182
Keith. Could you possibly post a "more detailed then usual" photo set from when you install Yanoo's linkage? In particular, how you get the gearstick and assembly out with the cat in the way.

Love this car, because of the attention to detail.


ClioSport Club Member
Keith. Could you possibly post a "more detailed then usual" photo set from when you install Yanoo's linkage? In particular, how you get the gearstick and assembly out with the cat in the way.

Love this car, because of the attention to detail.

Yeah no worries, not sure yet when it'll get done but will post up on here :)
It's a lot easier to remove the cat IMO :) far quicker and easier, plus I don't think you'd have the room with the cat in place, if I remember correctly from when I did mine

Little heads up! Jon


ClioSport Club Member
September-October 2012

ARB Bush Split

Following work on the calipers to try to solve an annoying knock I eventually found the cause, not sure how I missed this to be honest lol.


They had only been fitted few months back. Knowing that Powerflex had a lifetime warranty on their bushes I got it photographed and sent email to their customer service with all the details they request.

Within 24hrs they got back to me saying it looks like the bush had been over compressed and a likely cause was that the antirollbar was too large or bush too small. Measured my bar and was a bit on the large size (+1.4mm) but this could have been powder coating coming away from the bar etc as I could only measure just before it enters bush.

James Bourn (who dealt with my issues) told me that all their bushes are manufactured on the small size to ensure a tight fit and in my case of my ARB measurement it might be too much for the bush. He quickly arranged for another set to be sent out to me and asked me to try to clean the bar dia down to as close to 23mm as I could before fitting.


When going through my paperwork I later found that the original supplier of the ARB bushes, whom I will not name and were not powerflex supplied the smaller 22mm bushes to me even though Clio 182 cup/trophy was specified.

Cant praise Powerflex enough on helping me here, brilliant customer care and felt at no point were they blaming me or the installation and worked with me to solve the issues. And also supplying me with new bushes which tbh I wasn't expecting. Awesome company.

Speaker Grill

As I'm trying to tidy all aspects of little red I got to work on interior. Since I got it the speaker grill had a scratch on it. Had bought a replacement ages ago and finally got round to changing it lol. Tried changing the heater panel too as the symbols have stared to wear away but that's a job for when I have a lot more patience lol.







Yanoo Stiff Shift Kit

After years of hiding away I got my a** into gear and got this kit sorted. As my car is my daily drive I decided on sourcing a gear shift mechanism to fit the kit onto then simply swapping whole assemblies over.

At this point I looked at getting a Ph1 gear shift to get rid of the standard base model knob as fitted to Trophies but after seeing the prices and the condition of them it just wasn't going to happen. Looked at buying a new Ph1 knob but again price and availability was not on my side. Looked at Richbrook ones and fancied a satin finish one but didn't want the slant one so looked at the polished finish silver one.

As for the gearstick I had look on here but no avail, onto ebay it was and picked one up for a good price.


Had look around for knob and best price I found was Demon Tweeks. Few days later had these waiting for me at Mam and Dads farm.


As soon as I opened the gear knob up it didnt look half as shinney as I expected and a quick mock up inside car showed it pretty much matched the door handles in car so to save me the hassle decided it'll do as it is.

Set up in my kitchen


Had to take it to work as I found out the knob wasnt coming off. Was in two minds now about keeping the knob on as it was in such good condtion but the usual blue tinted leather swayed me and I got the stilly out to try to get it off.



Eventually decided on a hacksaw and got it off.

Remains of gear knob


Off with the retaining circlip


All out of the plastic housing



The standard rubber housing removed. Theres so much movement here, not only in the material but the fit of it too.


Standard and Yanoo's kit housing side by side


At this point I got a bit stuck. After cleaning and cleaning the pivot ball I could not for the life of me see how it would split for me to fit the poly ball inside. The ball seemed solid enough so couldn't work this one out. PM'd Yanoo here along with photo and within no time he got back to me stating that mine was a 3rd version (later) that can't be split and doesn't need any modifying as it's well made as is.

Sanded/filed down the plastic pivot rings so they fit inside the new housing tightly then got them down to size so that the pivot ball is tight but not too tight (trial and error) Thanks again Yanoo for making a video to give me an idea of how tight/loose it needs to be.


All greased up and back together




Shinney Gearknob on


All done. Now have a new Yanoo stiff Shift kit fitted along with metal gear knob ready to be swapped over and will still have a complete unmolested Trophy gear shift assembly :)

Two new tyres ordered and ready to be booked into Birchdown to fit parts and little reds 84k service
  RenaultSport 182FF
Some nice mods and refurbishment in progress....

Not having a go and don't take this the wrong way but if i was spending 10k on a trophy with very low mileage the last thing I would want to do is to take it out on to a track.

Very nice car though very jealous, are you even in newport/cardiff area ?


ClioSport Club Member
Some nice mods and refurbishment in progress....

Not having a go and don't take this the wrong way but if i was spending 10k on a trophy with very low mileage the last thing I would want to do is to take it out on to a track.

Very nice car though very jealous, are you even in newport/cardiff area ?

Fair point mate, but 10k and low mileage was 5 years ago ;) No up in North Wales.