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Try Sainsburys!

I know insurance has been a bit of a hot topic lately, but anyway. my insurance is due to run out and after many weeks searching the net for a good quote the cheapest was my tesco renewal at £1360ish, but just gone on a link somewhere on this forem to sainsburys and got a quote for £885.

Thats a saving of £475!! fully comp @19. Am well happy

I know the rule of staying on topic but hey as i am starting it:

Thanx for the pancakes gr!!:) but the syrup fried my line;)
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Im with sainsburys. £620 fully comp this year :) 22 with 5 years mo claims. was well chuffed. Tesco were about a ton more.

They are crap now!! Me dad rung up earlier and they wont honour the quote cause some stupid dick plowed into my car a couple year ago. b******s!!:(

Sorry I was just very pissed off bad day and was only happy thinkin i had 500 quid off my insurance. Any company that does it cheap is good, but hate the fact they quoted me then didnt honour it