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Turbo update.. first fitment image

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

It looks very nice.

Will it double as a cinema projector because that is what it looks like to this untrained eye?

you just gotta love the psssssssh! sound of the dump valve, you are getting a dump valve arent you?

what sorta bhp will that b**ch be pushiing?


Wow what a place you have slarty, engines everywhere covered in that big bubble bubble wrap...... nice to have when things get very stressful eh?


as for BHP, we are looking at a 3 stage approach..

Stage 1.. 225-250 Bhp

if all ok after tests..

stage 2.. 275-300 Bhp

Stage 3.. 290-350 Bhp


too much m8 !!! .. too bloody much..

need to get some dosh back INWARDS now..

I will have several full engines for sale (non turbo) - 2 litre 16v new... can be built to any spec wanted.. eg.. cams, porting, pistons etc..

also, a full 172 engine, induction and exhaust etc..


dead impressed!
its the fit thats so amazin...eventhough its renault.

is that the infamous B&Q workbench in the back?

Hi Captain !
Can you shed some light on something for me PLEASE ?
Can you post a picture from above of the engien with the turbo ?
I dont understand where is the COIL assempbly located ,with the new inlet manifold ?
I look on mine and it seems the whole assembly is a part of the original manifold ?
It looks in the picture that the turbo sits higher than i thought, will it fit inside the clio bay ?


picture above as requested.

the coil assembly is moved to anywhere you can put it.. above the new inlet manifold is fine..

the tubo sits very low, you are looking at the engine with the 172 induction system removed !

pic from above.

172 engine bay

a line drawing of where the existing induction system is.. it isnt used in the turbo conversion !!!!

you have to use your imagination, sense og humour and hacksaw to do any sort of work such as this Sir.. and there are likely to be problems along the way.

Why do you think people charge you 6 thousand quid for a turbo conversion LOL.


Cool pics Capt. Cant wait to see the the Turbo on the 172 head What power is the non vvt head running? 170bhp?.



Capt is that the 10T compressor housing?. Is there enough space for the compressor housing you where thinking off?.



Chun M8 ! yep 170 and 250 NM !!

Mathew, me too lol

Tim.. make great overalls so long as you dont wear them outside the shed lol !!

Chun... yes, of course ...


just re-read the thread, and ooooooooooops

I dont mean to sound stroppy here

but I think the guys interested now realise that the present induction system is completely removed

Sorry.. I will go back to sleep now

Jokin guys


Thats one thing I know hehe, that the induction system needs to be completely removed. Would I be able to use the current piperx viper I have?. Also where you thinking of a dump valve that dumps back into the induction system or the type that makes a cool sound



You got the kit as well Mathew?. Cool so what power you looking from your kit, and when are you going to put it together ?.



Im looking to get a new biger bank loan for my car so I have the spare cash to spend on my turbo conversion. once thats sorted I hope to get it fitted asap, just waiting for the Captain to work the details out. re power, high 200s.

where are you based?, Im close to Leeds. Ill be at the Bury RR meet.

Yeah im MSN. I live near Bristol so im not going to the RR at bury. Depedning on how reliable the turbo conversion is ill decide my power then. But atm im aiming for 230Bhp , but im also going to install traction control


Looks very nice, I cant wait to see it finished.

Just want to correct a labeling mistake in the very first pic though.

You have an arrow labeled Wastegate and its actually an Actuator, which controlls the wastegate.

The wastegate is the circular part next to the part you have labeled exhaust turbine that can be seen inside the turbo.

Sorry, just getting picky.!!!

Captain, you are the man !
Gr8 Photos !!! Thanks !

All thaught each time i look at the pictures the turbo looks bigger and bigger !
Will the turbo assembly fit inside the CLIO engien bay ? Isnt the firewall to close ?

Allso i was wondering if you know how many CC are the original 172 Injectors, and how many CC are the turbo Injectors that come with the kit ?

Speaking of that, what car in the renault range is the turbo engien designed for anyway ?

P.S: Any news on the kit ?

Thanks !

Could anyone shed any light on how much a Turbo kit would cost to put on my Williams 2?

i see there is a space in the engine bay for one.

Price including fitting and a reasonable Turbo.. reliable one. T25?

Captain "turbomeister" Slarty. Not only was it a top idea.. but you are actually doing it and sharing info and top quality photos with everyone on here!

Good work fella!!

James - Plenty of room for a turbo mate, Ill take a few pics of mine before its gone, just to give everyone an idea of how they sit in the 16v / Williams engine bay.


prism motorsport in enfield put a turbo on a 16v recently, clive the engineer said it cost the owner £3000 but he had to supply his own manifold.

i dont know if it helps you to know this ive got their number somewhere if u want it