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turbo update, pistons and ecu.. no pics this time :)

Hi guys n gals.

ok.. spec for pistons (FINALLY!) decided - will be custom made next week (for me n Mathew).

8:1 cr forged pistons from OMEGA blanks.

(£130 per piston)

ECU, finally decided on the lumenition system in addition to the std 172 ecu.

Lumenition will run injectors (Extra bank) for boost, and ALL ignition control.

The man, my good friend Nick Hill , will be supplying the ecu and mapping the beast on the new rollers.

ps, Nick is coming to the rr day tomorrow to answer questions on clio performance tuning. I will have the 172 head with exhaust, inlet, turbo, coil on plugs etc for perusal.

If you aint met Nick, say hello tomorrow, he really is a renault wizard and a bllody nice guy !.

Other news re turbo..

172 block is gonna be stripped, cleaned, skimmed, drilled for turbo oilfeed this week, along with head (skim for flatness, 3 angle seats for valves, bore out inlet and exhaust, gas flow turbo exhaust manifold, bore out injector cutouts etc.

(Should be ready for friday)

All new Gasket set - head and crankcase, on order from reno.. along with Main, Big ends and thrust washers.

New water pump, new turbo oil pump (High capacity) turbo crank shaft (The DADDY !)

Have now designed and ordered turbo oil feed pipes (ptfe 10mm pipe / Stainless braided) for feed, 13mm (as above) for return supply via custom adapter in sump.

Sump is away having a mid section ally baffle plate fitted (welded in place!), along with big wing extentions for more oil capacity and to reduce surge. (BenR.. u remember big wing sumps I hope LOL) !!

Spare complete exhaust obtained to manufacture decat pipe and straight through low back pressure system (for turbo) not good on normally aspirated!.

3" downpipe from turbo exhaust housing designed, awaiting welding..

Nick Hill (Hill Power) is supplying the ecu, 3bar MAP sensor, Air temp sensor, Plugs and connectors, custom silicone hoses, polished ally interconnect pipes etc.

so, at last, its starting to come together..

Work is continuing on the cup+ mods to the 172 suspension, these will give +3 degrees Caster, 1.5 degrees negative camber (Which the cup dont have, but needs !).. spacer plates for 25mm track increase front, and 20mm back are on order too..

suspension mods will be on an exchange basis only.

I gotta go on an ethical hacking course lol.. so will be outa the frame for a week or so after the 22nd.

it keeps me off the streets..



i was chatting to a lad with a thoughtfully modded 200SX (later spec) and he said that there was aplace that does ceramic coatings for pistons and they "gaurntee" no detonation!! £25 a piston

what are your views on this

he said it could be done on a any piston,

Hi Lofty,

I cant say it dont work, but its use to reduce detonation is limited.

its main benefit comes from its thermal properties and ability to resist carbon build up leading to pre-ignition or hot spotting which can induce detonation.

high cylinder pressure detonation though, is not helped.

bottom line for me, I wont be using it, but I have no problems with the concept, but any useful data is to say the least, sketchy..

Water pump? Is it going to be an electric item. They seem to be an essential feature on cars that want all out hp. Crank scraper? Might be as worthwhile as a sump baffle.

nice one Joe,

seems to all be comming together! cant wait. but one ques....what you gonna do one its done? cause you ant the boy racer type are ya!!!

so, you just gonna relish in teh satisfaction you done it.....or strip it out and take it racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  172 sport,

hi joe
these lumps that your building are they capable of turbo and nitrous or is that just blatant p($$ taking
also can you do this for any marque or just renault???
im thinking pug 205 1.9 turbo n20 {
can you let me know your thoughts on this please m8


Yogi - Went in M@thews mates 205 Turbo Technics today. It was all stripped out due to a mass re-wiring and general renovation job That thing is fecking quick. Has 2 boost levels and on LOW boost, the car is a nutcase. On high boost....well....

Wonder how much itd cost me to Turbo MY 205 :})