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Typical 172 behaviour with added "spice"

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Hopefully not a repost.

That commentary towards the end LOL
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TBH though, i was impressed with the 172 there! Wonder how much the death-defying slipstreaming helped.
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that little clio done itself proud

must say tho that is pretty stupid speeds there could have been a serious accident during the slipstreaming

The Boosh!

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TBH There are better places to be doing things like that than the road. It's not really worth the risk crashing/getting caught.
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pmsl fair play to the 172 though....I thought the astras would have the torque over 80s to pull away


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That's funny, those Astras drove past me at speed on the M1 yesterday. I was heading from London to Leeds so must have been around Nottingham when they passed, they were flying along together. Could obviously be other Astras but the cars were identical to these and driving in a similar way!

I think I remember seeing the CDTi badge on the red astra tbh, can't be sure though
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Could that be turbo'd?

There's plenty of vids on his chanel mentioning a turbo clio. Either way, If that's a standard 172 it did well!!
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Little Clio tearing the astras a new one :)

But seriously, it's these kind of videos that give bad reputations and make me want to sell my Clio :(
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Iz dat guy STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID man wot!!!!!!!!!! Big up urself man you iz da boy innit geeeeeezzzzzzzzz Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Everything I hate about modern society, the next generation is full of total morons who can't speak properly at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Didn't the blue Astra end up overtaking him at the end as well. Prat. That's what track days are for.
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Pull out on you blud haha certainly made me laugh. So did the comment about death defying slip streaming Englebert!
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That's why I miss my Audi/having a fast car, I used to love smashing "g's" to pieces.

The commentary is excellent, a truly involving watch. 9/10, good work.
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Can anyone translate whatever he said at the end of that clip for me? :banghead:

Flol @ the wipers about to snap off