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Unknown Mintex Racing pads

Just been out and bought a set of front calipers to add to my collection of Clio parts, only paid a tenner for them but they had some brand new Mintex Racing pads in them

These are the pads in question, if you look at the pad in the background you can see how much meat is still left on all of the pads!


A quick little google and I think I've found these to be the F3 pads as shown on @Kev@KAM site. Maybe they are them and I've just been a proper jammy little knob or maybe these are just some standard road pads (even still which is good value for a tenner really)

Anyone else reckon they're bobby dazzler pads that I can save for when I'm on track or just some lower market ones?


  Ph2 172, 106 Rallye
Nice one. Much life left in them?

When I bought the Clio I always thought my brakes were good, but a bit crap when cold. Thought I’d fire a set of cheap pads in, pulled a calliper off and it had an almost new set of PBS pads already fitted.

Short Legs

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  a better one
Makes me want to check what ours are. When we bought the car the seller said they were brembo. They don’t half kick out some brake dust and do like the squeal now and again.
Faaaccckkkinnnn larvely

Pads are nearly new, look like they’ve not even been bedded in tbh. I also bought a brand new Ktec rear arb from the guy for £80 too Half tempted to buy the 182 exhaust he has just because he only wanted £70 for it and I reckon I can get him to £50, can’t remember the brand but looked aftermarket.

@George@RTR_Parts would you compare them to the DS2500 sort of range or even higher?

@Louis a deal can be arranged for hanky panky

Just going to the shop to get a f**k load of lottery tickets and scratches......