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Upgrading 182 stereo

Im about to get a new 182 (non-Cup) which comes with the "upgraded" Cabasse stereo with separate amplifier.

Im sure Ill want to replace the stereo, but where would I pick up the speaker wires? Are they behind the stereo as usual, or are they near the amp? Presumably, theres some kind of multi-core signal cable taking the low-level signal from the stereo to the amp.

Am I right in thinking that changing the HU will be rather more than a simple swapover?



AFAIK the Cabasse unit doesnt have an external amplifier, can you post details of what the brochure says, i dont have one to hand (if you have it)
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

The head unit is a simple swap over.

It has the ISO connector for speaker/power etc.

Some of the alpine units may be different, because they require a direct power feed, but other than that, it should be ok.

Thanks - not sure where I got the thing about the amp from - thought I read it somewhere. Anyway, glad its not there - makes it much easier to swap the HU!