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V12's or rainsports???

  Stripped yozza'd cup
I need to decide which tyres to use on my new wheels. They'll be used as daily tyres and then on track at brands in march.

I know Hankook's are said to be good on track but how do rainsports fare?

The wheels are being delivered to me with tyres, rainsports are +£60 and v12's are
+£100. Both 195/50/15

Opinions please!
  Mini Cooper S
I've only got a 100BHP Clio but my Rainsport 2's held up pretty well at Brands Hatch, and they didn't wear too much. They were pretty good tyres!


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
V12's. Without a shadow of a doubt. I'm assuming that's £100 for all 4, not each?
  Stripped yozza'd cup
Oh Christ.... I thought this may happen... I know the rainsports are good, I have them on now. I just need to know how they perform on track compared to the hankook....
  Not a 320d
V12's are fantastic, had them on 2 weeks now and ive been playing with tyre pressures since. Running 33 front and 31 rear, the grip is insane now ive got the pressures right. Quiet and the tyre walls look good too. Id strongly suggest you go for V12's for road use.