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VDO Sat Nav Finally Installed 56k NO

Finally got it all installed and working.
Its great. The accuracy is a little out, but im currently running on 2001 maps, I have a 2005 map cd arriving tomorrow so that should sort out that problem.

The installation was a quick job for now, as im heading to the Nurburgring on Friday. I wanted it up and running for then.
The GPS antenna is going to be repositioned later today to the rear parcel shelf.

When i get back from Germany I will get a proper mount for the screen and hide any bits of cable that still show.

All in all, very happy. I still have a TMC Reciever to fit, but im not too bothered about that for now.
Anyway, a few pics.
  Ford Fiesta

looking good mate, glad you got it done. Whos sorted it for you in the end?

they are great systems. When you say the accuracy is out just with the maps I take it?

if you get the lat/long read out its spot on I take it?

I paid £510 for it all together.

Thats a really good price considering i got a TMC Reciever aswell which is normally £130 extra.

Brand new they are about £1500 i think.

Yeah, the roads are routes it takes are a little strange, but im hoping the new maps will sort that.

The ones i have are from 2001, and i think sat nav was probably in its infancy at the time.