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VTR t**t got smoked

I dont know why people on here are dissing the 1.4 16v, cos with 98BHP its faster than the VTR!!

I had a run in with one of those so called "saxo" drivers tonight!!
Was driving home after work and decided to call in at the local Ripspeed!
Spotted a blacked out SAxo, all black with limo black tints!
As I left, he followed me and it was clear he was trying it, stoopid t**t stuck to my ar$e till we got back on to the dual carriageway! and almost took my rear wing off at the humps!!
I put my finger up at him and smoked it on to the DC! he floored it as well, was half a cars length away, and it stayed like that, until I started to pull away at 75!! should have seen his face!! dickh3ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats the THIRD saxo Ive beaten now in a month, so who sez they are fast????????


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Do you just purposfully drive around looking to race people?!

Thats all you see to do.

As for beating the Saxo...

Yes, you have a smaller engine but the 1.4 16v is powerful for its capacity and the VTR only has 90bhp (early one) or 98bhp (later one) so not that powerful for a 1.6 and this aint helped by long gear ratios either.

Try finding a VTS though!

The 1.4 16v engine is quality and according to renault is actually the best pound for pound engine renault do at the moment in terms of performance mpg etc..... VTRS better watch out!!!!! Is it me or are they just getting to popular...time for the new clio to take over i feel!!!! just need some good stuff to mod with though!!!!"!
  mk2 172

im not being picky mate(well maybe i am), its just annoying me, but what is a so called "saxo" driver?



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, Craggy is right!

The 1.4 engine used in the R5 GTT was also used in the rally cars and kicking out hundreds of bhp in some of the cars!!!

Got 2 R5 GTTs myself as "toys" and they really are quick, especially for a 1.4 engine.


my ol vectra co. car used to annialate the VTR in every way!!!!!!

p.s. not that Im proud to have driven one LOL

Me thinks this was a 1.1 Saxo badged up as a VTR. Well done for beating a car with half the bhp of yours!!

lol ben

i think it was diesel myself
i personally dont think you could have a vtr.

dont bull sh*t me just gave back a 1.4 16v clio curtosy car and it was not fast at all.

  honda accord 2.4 type s

I get the impression that people dont so much "diss" your car as they "diss" you. Everytime you come on here, we end up with countless people having to reply to your comments. Now we all know what a great driver you are!, but will you maybe stop telling us now?

"2fast" - Theres a certain irony about you coming on here calling VTR drivers tw@ts when you are trying your best to lower this forum to the level of the forum.

  320d M Sport

Well said Rhys.
I used to own a VTR as my first car before I could afford my new 172 (cheers Boss! ) For the money and running costs you will struggle to find a car as good, why certain people feel the need to slate them all the time I dont know. Surely the fact that they have been consistently the most popular selling hot-hatch 5 years running counts for something, couple that with engines that are dead easy to work on, dead easy to upgrade and youve got a winner. Like to see you "smoke" a VTS though......