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VTS vs willy on twisties

  mk2 172

me and rhys went out for a late night race in the peaks district last night and what a frigin laff it was, think we we both sh*t ourself plenty of times and both lost it, which was rather scary but funny afterwards.

and a handful it was keeping up with the willy, the better power band was obvious out of the corners but once on the boil it was ok, was finding myself having to use all the road a lot too, good job there was nowt coming other way!, think the vts could do with stiffening up and lowering which im sure would work wonders with its wallowing. all in all a top night. not a race track and 100% balls cos that wouldnt be safe bood a good chance to compare them, shame you hadnt a clue where you were going it was that dark, and the brake fade was a problem too least we got home in one piece


Oi! I only lost it a little bit and just the one time. The car just squirmed around a little bit. I wasnt the one who made my entrance into Hathersage sideways ;). Just wish the Williams had better headlights and I was having to slow to a crawl for corners. Think the most I left the VTS by was on that big long hill where I thought youd given up. Good run though. Nice empty roads.

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I take it both of you havent written a car off before cause nowadays thatd scare me silly, but before my wet cornering crash id have been flying round just like you two nutters! :devilish:
  mk2 172

i have a mate who been hurt a bit on bikes, but his scary saying is "if im gonna die i wanna dies with my boots on" or words to that effect:eek:

I know the roads we were on very well and (touching a gigantic piece of wood) have never crashed a car in 9 years of driving. Famous last Ill write the Willy off as soon as I next get behind the wheel now Ive said that!!!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

So was the Willy tending to slide round corners wereas the VTS would lean round? Mine seems to slide having 16s with 195 tyres.

Wasnt really pushing it as far as sliding to be honest. Just had a bit of a whoopsie where I put my foot down too early when going round a corner as I had slowed too much before it.

The Williams just seems totally balanced when going round corners. Doesnt understeer and doesnt oversteer (unless I lift off mid-bend). I really like it. The standard handling is considerably better than a 172 in terms of how if feels for the driver. The 172 used to be too easy to understeer round the very same roads as we were on last night which makes for a slightly hairier driving experience! The Willy can just be chucked from corner to corner and the only problem will come when a crap driver like myself does something really dumb.


Good stuff lads. Shame you two dont live closer otherwise i would defo come out, sounds like you had good fun.

The vts is becoming more of a preditor everytime i hear about it!:eek:

You guys are nuts the road to heathersage is mad, at firs I thought you meant youd been racin over the that would be hairy!!

Ryhs have you moved mate, Im sure I saw you the other morning getting onto the parkway? Some niffty manouvering!

Then againit might not have been you!!!

lol! Yeah, might have been. I work at the Dixons place on the Parkway. Hope I didnt do anything too silly....was probably running late again!