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What can i get

Well after my horrible engine fire the insurers have given me £2800 to buy a new car with. Not bad profit seeing as i only paid £1900 for the car originally. So i guess that a near death experience is worth £900 these days! So, what spec 16v do you reckon i should be able pick up for £2800?

I have considered flogging my M-Plate for a while and thought it was worth 3k after a bit of looking at prices. So you could get a clean 95 model if you look hard and took your time.

Alex M

I saw a M-plate up for £2995. It had 67K on the clock and looked pretty tidy. but it had been sold by the time that i called.....gutted. If anyone sees anything up for sale that looks decent id appreciate it if you posted it. Thanks.
  Subaru Forrester

I sold my spotless 91 J reg 16v for £2900 back in April ish, but I reckon I was lucky to get that. On AutoTrader you see nice 94 or 95 for around that these days...