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What have you ordered? *Detailing*


ClioSport Club Member
  SI-STI 2.35 & RC-172
I'm in need of some car shampoo, what's good? Also need a new wash mitt as my lambswool one is more like mutton now ?. Any advice for either please(y)
Adams wash pad is very good or DetailedOnline do a wash pad that seems to be getting very good reviews,Shampoo I use Carchem 1900-1 or dodo juice sour power but in all honesty your spoilt for choice as their are so much quality car shampoos out their now.SJ.
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ClioSport Club Member
Anyone seen the price of this View attachment 1433334

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I've just been reading the replies on their Facebook page. It's not gone down too well with the loyal customers😂😂. Keeping their best products for their own use and then trying to sell them as a special anniversary bundle at a f**king joke price will cost them dearly by the looks of it. Oops!