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What to do?

  E36 M3. 182
My ph2 RSi has now been off the road for a couple of months now, most recently with an exhaust leak, either from the manifold/downpipe joint, or the manifold itself, and im starting to get fed up of having a car just sitting there. Ive recently got a 1500 quid bonus from work and am now really considering getting rid of the wretched thing and either saving up for a mk1 172 or not saving up and getting a 106 rallye. I was originally dead set on the 172, but the hassle ive had with my clio has put me off somewhat, ive had 2 clios now and it seems that no job is ever simple on them, being an aircraft mechanic, id say i was pretty handy with the spanners, i regularly go home and help my pug owning cousins with their cars and they seem a doddle to work on compared to mine, are renaults all just flawed genius, great till they go wrong, then fcukin expensive ornaments??:mad: i feel myself being drawn to a different brand of french sh1te!!!!:(
Everything looks better on the other side I'd get the RSi fixed up cheaply with second hand parts and blow the rest on a holiday.