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What tyres ? Rainsports or T1R's ?

What tyres ? Rainsports, Sport Contacts or T1R's ?

Right i'm after new boots (tyres) for my 172, i am currently running Toyo T1R's and rate them quite well.

Now winter and the undoubtedly wet weather is upon us i was looking at Uniroyal Rainsports and Continental Sport Contacts.

Has anyone any ratings or experience on these or would i be best to stick to the T1R's ?

One of my mates suggested Falkens as there made by Good Year.
Any one any views on them ?

My 172 had Conti Sport Contacts on it when i got it but have seen heaps of them with different numbers after the name.
Is this revision numbers ?

Eg 1,2 and 3 and i'm guessing 3 being the latest version of them ?

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Not much Help but I ran Rainsports (In the Dry) on Track (They were on a set of wheels I got for Track days so thought Id Kill them)

Apparently I was a Hero for running them as they are not great (According to other Track Dayers) I however had a Great time killing them off.

Can you not Stretch to a set of PE2's, Kwikfit often have 25% off.
I saw PE2's, but was unsure on them in the wet/winter etc
And thought i could get something just as good for less
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Ive got Pirelli p7's. I swear.. my car doesnt go anywhere in the wet.. unless you overstep the limit that is. Im finding them very grippy in both wet & dry conditions. Look awesome slicked aswell.


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ive had t1r's cant complain cheap and pretty hard wearing, current set must have lasted me well over a year!! (which i think is good no?)


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  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
I had Rainsports on the ph1 and they were superb in the wet.