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Wheel Buying

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Can anyone recomend a cheap place to buy wheels. Im after a set of Speeline Turinis with some nice tyres.....either Toyo, Goodyear or those Falken ones that look like Toyos.

Best price i have had is

£849 with basic Falken Tyres.

+£20 with Yoko A539
+£40 with Yoko AVS Sport
+£60 with Falken FK451 (Toyo lookalikes)
+£80 with Toyo T1-S
+£120 with the mighty Eagle F1s



  Shiny red R32


Just as Chris said, phone John Harris at Demon Tweeks - his direct dial number is 01978 663 057 and either mention Cliosport or Sylvia and hopefully this should get you a discount! You can also e-mail him"> and ask him for a quote for your wheels and give him your phone number and he will ring you back.


Hi mate Ive got a set of 17" turinis with conti sport contact 2s fitted and only done 2000 miles £695

Cheers Gordon
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Girlracer Im looking for 17" I will drop him an e-mail....cheers

Gord-r may be interested......any damage? what are you selling them for?

Hi mate the wheels are like new with no damage I am selling them because I fitted them to my cup but i am selling the car now so i put it back on the 16"s