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Which pay as you go phone for my mum ...

With a budget of about £130, she's on T -mobile & don't use the phone that much, she's either after one that flips open or one that slides & has a camera on it.

She was looking at the motorola v3i & a nokia 5111 I think it is (a a small one with just a bit of chrome on it & it slides open) or a pebl phone (I think looks cheap)

The aren't that many phone on t mobile that look any good:rolleyes: Are 02 still un locked like they used to be ??
As she could get on on 02 & just shove her sim in.

Cheers for that, my dads got a 6131 so she wants csomething different.

Any more options ?? (phone must be new) are v3i's really bad ??